Thursday, November 29, 2007

URGENT!!! New Jersey Election Audit Bill Needs OUR Help!

This is urgent folks, and should be done today but we have decided to continue over the weekend since the hearing is at 10 AM on Monday, Dec.3. Note that this a national action and NOT limited to New Jersey!

Contact Gov. Corzine:
Phone: 609-292-6000

Please pass this on to other blogs and listservs as you see fit.
It has national significance for the 2008 elections and beyond!

Last night, on Voice of Voters Radio,
New Jersey State Senator Nia Gill, the sponsor of the NJ election audit bill, S.507, which many consider to be a model for the nation, asked for calls to be made to Governor Corzine's Office.


Because the State's Chief Election Official -- the Attorney General -- who is unelected and reports to Governor Corzine, wants to gut this vital bill which most consider to be a model for the nation!

Contact info for Gov. Corzine:
Phone: 609-292-6000

It is of the utmost urgency that we do this NOW! The bill will be voted out of committee on Monday, Dec 3.

The details:

The AG wants to CAP ALL STATISTICAL POWER REQUIREMENTS at an AD HOC AUDIT PERCENTAGE of 3%, 5% or 10%, any time these numbers would result in SMALLER, LESS EFFECTIVE AUDITS of Electronic Vote Counts than the PROPER use of statistical power (sometimes known as confidence or significance), as called for in the current version of S.507.

Not only is there no scientific or mathematical basis for doing this, but such arbitrary caps on hand counts would:


- make it unlikely or next to IMPOSSIBLE for audits to confirm the correct winners and losers of many elections (especially closer races where larger audits are needed the most);

- not require the use of statistical audits of any kind

Contact info for Gov. Corzine:
Phone: 609-292-6000

The bill currently requires statistical power levels to confirm the outcomes of elections of:
99% for ALL federal and statewide elections and
90% for other smaller elections such as the entire State Legislature

This will ensure that enough votes are COUNTED BY HAND to confirm the outcome of any such audited election with a high degree of certainty, completely independent of software.

Contact info for Gov. Corzine:
Phone: 609-292-6000

Your message to Governor Corzine should be:

- Tell the Legislature to PASS S.507 As Amended by Senator Gill -- NOT by the Attorney Genral.
- Tell the Attorney General to drop her amendment to cap the audits and hobble the auditors.
- Do NOT impose arbitrary caps on the size of post-election audits.
- Confirm the outcomes of ALL Federal and State elections independently of software.

BUT THIS HAS TO BE DONE TODAY or Friday Morning, Nov. 30, because the hearing to bring this bill out of committee is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 3.

Contact info for Gov. Corzine:
Phone: 609-292-6000

Let me know if you make a call and what the governor's office has to say!

Howard Stanislevic
E-Voter Education Project

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